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Matthias Messmer matthias at familie-messmer.de
Thu Oct 5 00:22:23 CEST 2006

Hi list,

at the bottom of this mail there are some rules for the new developer.kde.org 
wiki posted on www related lists. We discussed to use this wiki for our plans 
but I am not sure wether these rules fit our needs.

What are our needs exactly? Are these developing issues only? 

Additionaly I mailed with Dirk Müller about the difference between simple 
subpages and a seperate namespace. One important idea of namespaces in a 
MediWiki is to have different permissions to user groups. He suggests that 
only kde-edu developers shall have permission to write content in an edu 
namespace of the wiki. Do we want that?

Meanwhile I tried to add some subpages under http://newdeveloper.kde.org/Edu 
like Edu/KPercentage. 

Finally I chatted with danimo. He moved everything one level down 
to .../Projects/Edu/KPercentage for instance to save a clean structure of the 
wiki. I am not sure what to think about it.

Last but not least there is not that much reply to questions about installing 
a wiki for kde-edu or even free educational software yet. Perhaps the sense 
of an edu-wiki must be more clearly before we can find the right place for 

Best regards


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Subject: developer.kde.org wiki
Date: Mittwoch, 4. Oktober 2006 22:01
From: Dominik Haumann <dhdev at gmx.de>
To: kde-www at kde.org
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Hi, (crossposting to kde-www-devel)

1. Just a short note for everyone who is working on the developernew.kde.org
        Please use the same name as you have in your svn-account.

See also: http://developernew.kde.org/KDE_Developer_Home:Migrate_content
          "Rule 6"

2. Templates
Another important note: http://developernew.kde.org/Help:Contents lists some
templates we should use in order to have a consistent look&feel. For files
like ~/.bashrc you should use {{path|~/.bashrc}}. We can change the style
in the whole wiki then by simply adapting the path template. The same
applies to the other templates.

3. Categories
http://developernew.kde.org/Special:Categories lists all categories
available so far. Please do not randomly add categories, but try to add and
reuse categories in a useful way (whatever this means :) ). Furthermore, we
should have meaningful names as categories and avoid abbreviations. For
example instead of simply "Compile" it should rather be "Compile KDE". Only
use a abbreviation, if it is widely used (like ISV).

4. Let's try to keep a clean structure, i.e. avoid toplevel entries. Right
now the article's title looks a bit cluttered, but I am confident we can
solve this somehow.

5. As long as the wiki is not officially on developer.kde.org we should not
introduce/avoid redirects.

Thoughts welcome ;)
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