[kde-edu]: Proposed KmPlot UI

David Saxton david at bluehaze.org
Tue Mar 28 23:37:51 CEST 2006

Hi all,

I've been working on a slightly modified KmPlot interface, and I'm looking for 
suggestions, objections, etc, before I commit any large chunks of code...

Here's a screenshot:

What's changed?
- All the plot dialogs have been removed, and their functionality has been put 
into a widget in the main view.
- The widgets shown below the function list depend on the type of function 
being edited.

- Streamlines working by removing messy dialogs.
- Allows instant access and updating of functions (I intend there to be an 
undo/redo system to replace the Ok/Cancel buttons of the dialogs).
- Makes good use of the empty space in KmPlot's interface (as the diagram is 
square, but the window that it is in is normally rectangular).

If no one voices any objections, I will commit the interface to svn once 


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