[kde-edu]: Kig help needed! Don't know what do demo...

Pino Toscano toscano.pino at tiscali.it
Tue Jan 24 19:01:57 CET 2006

Alle 18:11, martedì 24 gennaio 2006, Carsten Niehaus ha scritto:
> I never really used Kig and don't really get the application. That is
> probably because I am not really interested in geometry :)

Me is almost zero at chemistry but... ;-)

> Ok, on Saturday I have to demo Kig in front of perhaps 40 people. It would
> be really good if you could tell me what to demo, I have no idea what is
> important and what not...

Ok, I'll think about it.

> Furthermore, updated screenshots on the homepage would be really nice, as
> those on the homepage show a age-old windeco for example.

Most of them are updated, but I'll try to update some more, then.


Pino Toscano
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