[kde-edu]: [RFC] KPhysics - Interactive physics experiments for KDE

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Fri Apr 28 20:18:32 CEST 2006

A Divendres 28 Abril 2006 20:08, Jure Repinc va escriure:
> On Fri, April 28, 2006 18:59, Albert Astals Cid said:
> > I received in private a mail from another person that is doing / wants
> > to do
> > the same program as you (from your and his "non exact" description)
> > also as a
> > Google SoC.
> It is nice to see that someone else is trying to do the same task. I
> think we can both apply and then you can choose the one that would be
> more apropriate. Maybe he knows more about KDE/Qt programming and it
> could only be beneficial to people if he can make it faster and better
> then me. And after the Google SoC is over the other can join and we
> could then work together on the application.
> Anyways, it would be nice if he could also introduce himself here on
> this mailing list. Or of we could at least exchange e-mail addresses
> and talk about it privately and try to decide on what would be best.
> > And that's were you can see Goggle SoC failing, collaborate in doing
> > that
> > program would be probably the most normal thing, but iirc Google does
> > not
> > allow this.
> Yeah I also see this as one of the big problems with SoC. It would be
> great if they allowed wotking in groups. This way more could be done
> and you would also learn how to work in a greoup which is also very
> valuable.

Sent him a mail to point to this thread. I don't want to show his mail as he 
has not spoken in public for now. If he wants he will contact you/the list.


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