[kde-edu]: [RFC] KPhysics - Interactive physics experiments for KDE

Jure Repinc jlp at holodeck1.com
Thu Apr 27 22:10:17 CEST 2006

Carsten Niehaus wrote:

>> Did I make any mistake when thinking about this
>> and do you think I should change this?
> No, seems fine. But I am sure the more you code the more small
problems will
> appear. But that is part of the fun :-)

Yeah, I'm prepared for this fun :) A lot of fun actualy. I just wanted
to know if it is the right idea in general.

>> How hard is it to make this framework/plug-ins structure?
>> Keep in mind that I'm only a beginner C++/Qt/KDE programmer, but
>> to learn a lot this summer. But I guess I would need quite a lot of
>> and answers from you guys and girls with much more experience.
> Just start, you'll see how hard or easy it is. Start on sf.net or
> to get a public svn or cvs. Perhaps somebody will activly help you.

Is there there any documentation you would recommend reading about
making the framework/plug-ins structure in Qt/KDE or in general?

How do SourceForge and Berlios compare? Pros/cons? How is it then with
moving to KDE SVN into playground?

>> I was thinking about targeting KDE4, because I guess it will take a
>> longer until this KPhysics is done and because I would like to
learn how
>> to program for KDE4, which will also run on Mac OS and Windows and the
>> more people can use KPhysics the better
>> Is it that much harder to program for KDE4 then for KDE3. How fast are
>> changes in API? Is there any history/changelog of API changes that is
>> updated regularly and that I could easily follow?
> I guess KDE4/Qt4 is a good choice. KDE4 is changing a lot, so
perhaps a pure
> Qt4-app would be better (and then port to KDE4 in 3 or 4 month). But
if you
> don't use multimedia (phonon) and dbus/dcop you will be "on the safe

OK it looks like I will be on the safe side, at least in the beginning
of the work. When I will need any of those I guess they won't be moving
that fast anymore.

> Of course, even small classes in KDE can drastically change, for
example 2
> days ago KPixmap "died". kdelibs are updated every 2 weeks (the
> kdelibs4_snapshot), so you only have to sync ever 2 or 4 weeks
(depending if
> you *want* to sync).

How do you monitor those changes? Is there any special page that lists
the changes in each snapshot. If there is no such a page then maybe it
would be usefull to others if it existed.

Thanks for comment!

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