[kde-edu]: Playing sounds quickly and over and over again...

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Wed Apr 12 19:16:01 CEST 2006

A Dimecres 12 Abril 2006 15:46, Andreas Nicolai va escriure:
> Hi again,
> after figuring out how to play sounds in general and having that working, I
> still have one problem. Whenever I call the play() function in a play
> object, there is a short delay of about 300-500 ms before I hear the sound.
> Is there any way to reduce that time? In KTouch it would be nice to have
> this type writer sound back, but right now you press a few keys and the
> sound plays slightly delayed (which is not so nice).
> Does anyone know how to speed up sound playback? I'm already reusing play
> objects to avoid reinitialization of the play buffer, but that's still not
> fast enough...

Really no idea, but as i said before, you should be coding for KDE4 (as KDE3 
is feature frozen), In KDE4 is there Phonon that is a new multimedia 
framework, i do not know if it solves that issues but you can always contact 
the developers and ask them to fix it now that they are developing it.


> Bye,
> Andreas
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