[kde-edu]: CVS to SVN move.

Pino Toscano toscano.pino at tiscali.it
Thu Mar 24 21:32:02 CET 2005

Trenton Carr ha scritto:
> The design is open for discussion and it is very easy to write 
> supplementary maths parts that can be plugged into the main shell.
> I am currently working on implementing a theory widget for each section 
> that will pop up a html_part browser containing wiki data explaining the
> theory for the relevant sections.

I think theory should be part-specific, i.e. every part should provide a
theory widget/tab/whatever by itself. Obviously IMHO.

> As well as extending the current Visual Trig part to
> include solutions of triangles if given angle theta and the hypotenuse (or
> others).

Frankly speaking, I have this idea since 4/5 years ago: at the beginning
I wanted to make it Pascal, and I made it in a basical way... I'll stop
then, too many memories... :)

Anyway, a graphical way to resolve triangles for me IS a nice idea. Do
you want ah help? ;)

>> Do you plan to include text courses and exercises (maybe see edukator
>> http://www.kde-apps.org/content/show.php?content=17602)
>> What about Birgit, did you contact her?
>> Could we discuss the design as well?
> Yes, and if it's possible to load edukator as KPart I can look at 
> including it with KMathTool.

See above about my ideas on this (theory). But an eduKator integration
would be fine...

>> Lots of people are interested in math applications (a new guy went on IRC
>> yesterday) so knowing your intentions would allow other people to help or
>> develop something on their own.
> It is very easy to write a math part, so the more the merrier.
> If you could have a look at KMathTool and advise any sections you would 
> like added or any improvements you would like to see, it would be appreciated.

Yeah, knowing better you ideas/target/etc about KMathtool would be a
nice idea, so any developer willing to help (me foe example ;) will know
better _how_ and _where_ to help.

Best regards,

Pino Toscano

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