[kde-edu]: CVS to SVN move.

Trenton Carr trentoncarr at telkomsa.net
Wed Mar 30 04:07:40 CEST 2005

Hello all

Hello Pino!

On Thu, 24 Mar 2005 21:32:02 +0100, Pino Toscano <toscano.pino at tiscali.it>  

> Anyway, a graphical way to resolve triangles for me IS a nice idea. Do
> you want ah help? ;)

I've nearly completed the visual trig part, I'll try to do a commit  
tonight so you can have a look. Works very well.

> Yeah, knowing better you ideas/target/etc about KMathtool would be a
> nice idea, so any developer willing to help (me foe example ;) will know
> better _how_ and _where_ to help.

I've hacked Jason's kdeeduplot ( excellent by the way )to plot on a  
cartesian plane, but the only way I could get it to work with KParts is to  
hard code his lib into each part. Best practice would be to link to one  
lib for all the KParts that need it. If you can help me with that it would  
be greatly appreciated.



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