[kde-edu]: screeshot of mEDUXa Primaria (for primary schools)

eslic eslic at ejerciciosresueltos.com
Wed Dec 14 19:22:12 CET 2005

Hi everybody,

here you can see a screenshot from mEDUXa Primaria, for Primary schools. I,ve 
already sent the edu apps that's gonna be included. You can see most of them 
here. This is just an idea, although quiet mature. Wel still have some design 
questions to solve, like the dimensions of the different areas or the color 
of the icon font's.

We want to take off the KDE panel and the chance to execute commands or erase 
icons. The idea is that they just use the apps by clicking the icons 
available on the desktop.

Any idea or suggestons I'll be please to disscuss it on #kde-edu (freenode)


Agustín Benito
Coordinador de las empresas que desarrollan mEDUXa
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