[kde-edu]: screeshot of mEDUXa Primaria (for primary schools)

Josef Spillner spillner at kde.org
Thu Dec 15 16:02:08 CET 2005

Oi Augustín,

El Miércoles, 14. Diciembre 2005 19:22, eslic escribió:
> here you can see a screenshot from mEDUXa Primaria, for Primary schools.
> I,ve already sent the edu apps that's gonna be included. You can see most
> of them here. This is just an idea, although quiet mature. Wel still have
> some design questions to solve, like the dimensions of the different areas
> or the color of the icon font's.

this looks very nice! I'm sure that such an alternative desktop design is also 
useful for e.g. the Games-Knoppix and other such specialised desktops.

> We want to take off the KDE panel and the chance to execute commands or
> erase icons. The idea is that they just use the apps by clicking the icons
> available on the desktop.

Normally the "trash can" icon cannot be deleted, so there must already be a 
mechanism for it. I'm just not sure if it is configurable via Kiosk for other 
(all present) desktop icons.


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