[kde-edu]: Klearnnotes2 on KDE Edutamient Project

Henrique Pinto henrique.pinto at kdemail.net
Sat Dec 10 12:28:27 CET 2005


On Sat 10 Dec 2005 01:18, Javier Pulido-Lopez wrote:
> Bonjour - Hello - Hola,
> We have a program that help to learn to read the notes of the music staff:
> http://klearnnotes2.sourceforge.net/
> And we would like to make it part of The KDE Edutainment Project, if is
> possible.
> What we need to do?

I suggest you write to KDE-Edu mailing list (I'm CCing this message).

Please note that right now it might not be a very good idea to add your 
program to kde-edu, as there aren't plans for a KDE 3.6 and KDE 4.0 is still 
in early development. You might consider adding your program to KDE Extragear 
now, and move it to kde-edu when it is ported to KDE 4.0.

	Henrique Pinto
	henrique.pinto at kdemail.net

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