[kde-edu]: [kde-edu] New Maths App

Tales Pinheiro de Andrade talesp at terra.com.br
Thu Jun 17 20:49:00 CEST 2004

Em Qui 17 Jun 2004 11:36, M2George escreveu:
> Hello all
> Thank you for all the constructive comment.
> >From all the recent discussion I would like to propose a new Math's apps.
> The name of which is still to be decided.

> PS. Once the framework is complete and we start to adding content, there is
> nothing stopping us from adding other content, such as science.
Well, here I finally can give my opinion :-)
This is my first post, so I hope to be useful :-)

I have been watching the discussions here for a while, and there is a little 
time that I was planning a new app. And here you reach the basic idea that I 
had in mind. Not just a Math app, but something like a studies center. The 
kpart/plugin idea is the basis, so we could develop a framework where other 
developers (including us :-) could develop their own modules, for teaching 
not only math, but languages, science, geography, history, chemistry...
I was just for start to develop something like this :-)
And just to be useful, I propose something like Kschool or maybe SKhool.

Ps.:Sorry about my English, I'm still learning :-)

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