[kde-edu]: [kde-edu] New Maths App

M2George m2george at mweb.co.za
Thu Jun 17 16:36:02 CEST 2004

Hello all

Thank you for all the constructive comment.

>From all the recent discussion I would like to propose a new Math's apps.
The name of which is still to be decided.
The broad description would be as follows.
A Math's program that endeavors to teach Maths to kids using text, text
animation and graphic animation with sound FX.
The main app will be plug-in/kparts based with three main section which are
also plug-in/kparts.

    1:    Theory
    2:    Teaching Application
    3:    Tools

The theory will be printable with examples. When in the teaching part you
can refer back to the relevant theory part and use tools from the tools part
to solve the problems in the teaching part. [sorry for the many "parts" :)]

1:    The Theory part that is called by the main app can be a simple widget
that displays text content either HTML or XML, read-only but that can be
searched and printed.

2:    The Teaching part will be a bit more advanced being able to display
animation of both text and graphics. And it will be able to give feedback to
user input. It will progress in a linear fashion with forward and backward
controls. It will also be able to display a theory part relevant to the
current section as well as call on the tools part to do either proofs or
assist in solving a problem.

3:    The tools part can be a selectable basket of math tools (calculator,
area-volume calc, trig calc, graph plotter, geometry tools etc. etc. These
tools can be made available as a lib/Kpart to be use with the main app.
We can source these tools from currently available KDE or other maths apps
and see if we can make each available as a separate Kpart or lib, or if we
can bundle them all together in libmathtool and update via plug-ins.

The biggest stumbling block at the moment is the format of the anims. What
do we use to author with? It needs to be very efficient and available to
all. Does anyone have any experience with Smil and would it be applicable?

Also if any coding guru's are reading this, would the tools part work as it
stands or is there a better option?

The above is liable to change and any comment and suggestion are greatly

Kind Regards


PS. Once the framework is complete and we start to adding content, there is
nothing stopping us from adding other content, such as science.

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