[kde-edu]: [kde-edu] New Maths App

Peter Hedlund hedlund at scripps.edu
Fri Jun 18 02:22:26 CEST 2004

On Thursday 17 June 2004 11:49 am, Tales Pinheiro de Andrade wrote:

> I have been watching the discussions here for a while, and there is a
> little time that I was planning a new app. And here you reach the basic
> idea that I had in mind. Not just a Math app, but something like a studies
> center. The kpart/plugin idea is the basis, so we could develop a framework
> where other developers (including us :-) could develop their own modules,
> for teaching not only math, but languages, science, geography, history,
> chemistry... I was just for start to develop something like this :-)
> And just to be useful, I propose something like Kschool or maybe SKhool.

This might be a worthwile idea. An interface similar to Kontact where the user 
is presented with different subjects. We have discussed quizzes quite 
frequently since several programs have them in one way or another. One could 
then present them in a consistent way regardless of topic. But there is also 
a great risk that the whole thing gets too complicated...

I would be interested if you try to put something together.


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