[kde-edu]: KVocTrain: an idea

Markus Büchele Markus.Buechele at web.de
Mon Jan 19 05:40:35 CET 2004

Hello Viktor,

it's great that you appreciate KVocTrain as much as we do!
Concerning KVocTrain's handling of wrong answers it seems to me that the level 
of the entry is reduced by one each time you enter a wrong answer. That will 
work only if you have achieved at least level 2, of course. ;-)
I tried it out by changing the default knowledge-level-colours. I assigned  a 
different color to each level. I'm not totally sure if KVocTrain works like 
this, but I strongly suspect so. Perhaps this behaviour helps you as well, as 
those words will be asked more often before reaching level 7.

Do you use KVocTrain inyour personal interst only or do you work with it at 


Am Sonntag, 18. Januar 2004 19:58 schrieb Nagy Viktor:
> I have sent the same mail to Ewald Arnold, because his email address is on
> the site http://edu.kde.org/kvoctrain/, please change it to something
> else!
> Thanx, Viktor
> The forwarded message follows:
> Hello Ewald!
> I've just found the kvoctrain software which is very similar to my first
> and only dictionary software (dict.com). There are only two features I
> could not found in Kvoctrain, but I liked a lot.
> With dict.com, if I missed (or passed) a word for the first time he asked
> me twice. If I missed it for the second time too, it asked me three times.
> And so on...
> And there is another feature too, that was good, but I do not miss it so:
> some statistics at the end of a learning cycle. (How many time spent,
> number of words missed and known for the first time.(and so on)) I have
> red the mailing list, where something similar to this is going to be made,
> but I think the first idea is much more important for a student, because
> it make studiing more efficient, while this proposition makes examining
> more efficient. (I'm an attendee in my real life, so I have to be right.
> :) )
> Is it possible to implement these wishes?
> If you want I can send you the dict.com program, it is very simple.
> Thanx,
> Viktor
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