[kde-edu]: kde-edu icons

Dominique Devriese dominique.devriese at student.kuleuven.ac.be
Mon Jan 19 20:53:50 CET 2004

David Vignoni writes:

> here there 4 icons: flashkard kfig kiten kpercentage

> in the zipped file there are only the PNGs, if you like the style
> I'll go on, and send the SVGs.  


They're great !  I really like the flashkard one, it's pretty simple,
so it looks good in low resolution, but due to the text on the cards,
it also looks neat in higher resolutions.  If I can say one bad thing
about it: I think the Kig ( no wait, that's another bad thing, you
messed up the name of my app !  it's kig, not kfig ;) ) icon has a bit
too few contrast for low resolutions.  Could you perhaps make the
pencil and the triangle a bit larger or so, I don't really know.  It
really looks nice in high resolutions, but well, it lacks a bit of
contrast in low resolutions imho.  Annma agreed on this, she told me
on IRC just now.

> I've read at kde-look that everaldo will already include icons in
> the next release of crystal, so maybe you don't need these icons
> anymore... in any case I'll include them in my themes.

Yes, well, I'm not too sure about what to do with that.  I really like
your icons a lot, especially the flashkard one is really nice.  But if
official crystal icons are going to appear for the KDE-Edu apps, then
I'm not sure whether we even *can* commit yours as cr-*-*-*.png.

CC'ing kde-edu to ask the people's opinion there.


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