[kde-edu]: KVocTrain: an idea

Nagy Viktor nagyv at rajk.bke.hu
Sun Jan 18 19:58:39 CET 2004

I have sent the same mail to Ewald Arnold, because his email address is on
the site http://edu.kde.org/kvoctrain/, please change it to something

Thanx, Viktor

The forwarded message follows:

Hello Ewald!

I've just found the kvoctrain software which is very similar to my first
and only dictionary software (dict.com). There are only two features I
could not found in Kvoctrain, but I liked a lot.

With dict.com, if I missed (or passed) a word for the first time he asked
me twice. If I missed it for the second time too, it asked me three times.
And so on...

And there is another feature too, that was good, but I do not miss it so:
some statistics at the end of a learning cycle. (How many time spent,
number of words missed and known for the first time.(and so on)) I have
red the mailing list, where something similar to this is going to be made,
but I think the first idea is much more important for a student, because
it make studiing more efficient, while this proposition makes examining
more efficient. (I'm an attendee in my real life, so I have to be right.
:) )

Is it possible to implement these wishes?

If you want I can send you the dict.com program, it is very simple.


Nagy Viktor
BKÁE Rajk László Szakkollégium

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