[kde-edu]: Linux in Academia

TJ Miller tjmiller at datc.tec.ut.us
Sun Jan 4 18:02:13 CET 2004

Janus Sandsgaard wrote:

>Does anyone here know about newsgroups or mailing lists dealing with KDE/Linux 
>at higher educations, such a University? I am especially interested in 
>initiatives related to social science and humanities, which are traditionally 
>not hot spots for Linux.

Check with SEUL, which has an educational mailing list and a resource 
list: http://www.seul.org/edu/

We have a ton of resources, though I'll have to look to see if we have 
anything specific (I have an intro course curriculum  written and posted 
there, but it is more on a technical level.)

HTH a little,
TJ Miller jr
OS/Networking Instructor

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