[kde-edu]: Linux in Academia

Janus Sandsgaard lister at janus.dk
Mon Jan 5 10:02:00 CET 2004

On Sunday 04 January 2004 18:02, TJ Miller wrote:

> We have a ton of resources, though I'll have to look to see if we have
> anything specific (I have an intro course curriculum  written and posted
> there, but it is more on a technical level.)

Look interesting, but it altso looks as it is mostly ressources for primary 
and secondary school? Take this:

	"We are collecting resources that should enable the development and 			
	deployment (with the help of interested volunteers) of various open source 	
	software that can make Linux more desirable to educators and parents 
	interested in using Linux for their children's education."

What I have in mind is a book that provide concreat directions and 
recomendations for using Linux power tool for writing reports etc. for the 
non-technical interested person at university: KDE, LyX, BiBteX, OOo etc.

My book is currently only in Danish and "in the making":


Does a book like this already exist?


My baby daughter loves Linux!

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