[kde-edu]: Linux in Academia

Eva Brucherseifer eva at kde.org
Sun Jan 4 15:36:02 CET 2004

Hi Janus,

I am crossposting this to kde-promo at kde.org since they might be of help. 
Please also check out enterprise.kde.org. There is a database with success 
stories and I saw some universities mentioned.


On Sunday 04 January 2004 14:01, Janus Sandsgaard wrote:
> Does anyone here know about newsgroups or mailing lists dealing with
> KDE/Linux at higher educations, such a University? I am especially
> interested in initiatives related to social science and humanities, which
> are traditionally not hot spots for Linux.
> I am writing a book in Danish about Linux power tools (KDE, LyX, BibTex,
> OpenOffice.org etc.) for non-technical students and scientists at
> university, and I am thinking about doing it in English as a parallel
> projects. But first I am interested in knowing if somebody are already
> working with this?
> -j

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