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Karl-Heinz Zimmer khz at kde.org
Wed Feb 18 21:08:37 CET 2004

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On Mittwoch, 18. Februar 2004 23:24, Markus Büchele wrote:
> Hi Karl-Heinz, Annma and Peter,
> I have been in touch with Samuel. I'd find it great if the examination
> screen he is working on was included in KDE 3.3.
> I've just got two other minor issues:
> Firstly,
> could you please add the "examination screen" at the KVocTrain section
> on http://edu.kde.org/development/apps_features.php ?
> Secondly,
> Ewald Arnold, the official maintainer of KVocTrain pointed out to me
> last November, that he is not really interested in continuing this
> task any longer. (I hope I have expressed it appropriate enough, Ewald
> ;-) Please find the corresponding email below. Annma, could you,
> perhaps _officially_ ask him, if he wants to delegate that task to
> someone else?

Hi Markus,

did you notice that you just published a PM (private mail) to a public
mailing list?

I am sure that this was not made intentionally but *please* try to avoid
doing that again.

Hi Annma,

please note that that I offered to take care for KVocTrain in November,
but I am not /running/ to get this job!

Hi Samuel,

since you have been working on KVocTrain in the last months would you
perhaps like to officially take care for it and become its maintainer?


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