[kde-edu]: 3.3 planned features

Anne-Marie Mahfouf annemarie.mahfouf at free.fr
Wed Feb 18 21:27:55 CET 2004


> Hi Annma,
> please note that that I offered to take care for KVocTrain in November,
> but I am not /running/ to get this job!
> Karl-Heinz

I think it's nice to have 3 people (Karl-Heinz, Samuel and Peter) interested 
in KVocTrain.
We can put several names as maintainers or one name and others as 
contributors. You can just decide among you what you prefer.

Plese tell me if you (one or several) need cvs access to the website so one of 
you can update the website. All the information is on Ewald sourceforge 
website and it's outdated a bit. i think that creating more pages on the edu 
website and adding all the info  would be nice.
Now the edu website is refreshed immediately so any error is immediately seen 
and can be corrected ;)


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