[kde-edu]: Flashcard and Vocabulary programs

Peter Hedlund peter at peterandlinda.com
Fri Feb 6 03:58:27 CET 2004

Hi all,

As I mentioned on this mailinglist a few months ago I have started a new 
flashcard/vocabulary project called KWordQuiz 
(http://peterandlinda.com/kwordquiz). In my opinion the program is shaping up 
quite well. In cvs (SourceForge) I have improved .kvtml file support even 
more the last few days.

In view of this I'm interested in a discussion regarding such programs within 
the kdeedu module. Now I think is a good time since 3.2 has been released. 
From what I can tell development has not been very active on either FlashKard 
or KVocTrain. I did see some amount of activity in KVocTrain development 
recently and hope that that will continue. I'm willing to pitch in also. As a 
starting point for me to learn all about KVocTrain I thought about converting 
it to a .ui and xml-based interface. What are your opinions on such an 

KWordQuiz could for example easily replace/merge with FlashKard. KWordQuiz 
provides everything FlashKard does, and in addition a more powerful 
vocabulary editor. Furthermore it has multiple choice and Fill-in-the-blank 
modes. It would in my opinion provide more advanced features without 
compromising ease of use. What are in your mind the advantages of FlashKard?

KWordQuiz would not be able to replace KVocTrain. KVoctrain has many features 
for advanced language learning that are unique to that program.

I am a C++ beginner and thus my coding is probably far from optimal but I 
learn as I go along and will try to improve my technique. I would be very 
happy for any comments you might have on my code and this proposal.

Thanks for your time,
Peter Hedlund

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