[kde-edu]: Re: trading place for translations - for open source projects and schools

Thomas Templin lists at gnuwhv.de
Wed Nov 19 12:53:41 CET 2003

On Wednesday 19 November 2003 10:59, Eva Brucherseifer wrote:
> I very much support this initiative. Very interesting stuff!
> We are very much in need of reviews and success stories of applications. So
> what about this: Pupils can test applications and then write an article in
> newspaper style and we publish it as a special program on our webpages. I
> remember we did this type of writing in school...
> The same yields for tutorials and task-oriented documentation. I think it
> easily can be done by pupils. Examples: How to create business cards with
> kword, howto setup a meeting using korganizer and kmail. This way we also
> get valueable feedback from our users about more complex tasks.
Eva, thats a mine field you step on. :o)

All this needs a working GNU/Linux infrastructure.
And at least one person who knows how to use this systems and aplications. And 
its a hard job to be the first one doing so... ;o)

Such kind of articles may be ok for a school bulletin motivating other pupils. 
But not for a professional newspaper.

So in my eyes this is step two before step one, bringing GNU/Linux Systems 
into schools. And for this it's interesting to launch bigger projects.

We will establish another skolelinux test and training center in 
Wilhelmshaven/Friesland. It will be the second one in Germany and the first 
one in lower saxony (Niedersachsen). After a first anouncement in a local 
newspaper on tuesday my phone drives me crazy. :o)


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