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Thomas Templin templin at gnuwhv.de
Sun Nov 16 20:45:41 CET 2003

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On Sunday 16 November 2003 19:55, Hartmut Meyer wrote:
> Thomas Templin has been mentioning a project to me that sounded very
> interesting: he has been involved with matching the gnucash project with a
> school. Doing translations for the gnucash project was done as part of the
> English classes in school.
> Now, I don't know much more about this particular project (Thomas certainly
> does, if you had more questions about it), but I liked the idea and it got
> me thinking.
> How about a trading place that could be used by open source projects
If you think of trading place as a way to bring more cash to Free Software Edu 
projects this could be an interesting idea.
But don't forget... Hartmut, you know what i would like to mention. *laugh*

> looking for translators on the one side and teachers/pupils/schools looking
> for real-world transaltion jobs on the other side? I believe it can be a
> good motivator to know that the work done will actually not be binned
> (after beeing read by the teacher) but be really useful.
> Does something like that already exist?
Yes, but on a very, let me say unprofessional, base. Pingos and others tried 
this in the past.
But you need to motivate teachers who will support such projects. And beleve 
me, motivating teachers is one of the hardest jobs one can imagine.

> If not: what do you think would be a good place for this? I don't imagine
> the kde-edu project as such is the right place. It's doesn't even
> necessarily need to be a KDE thing (though I would like it).
I would not limit such projects in educational environments only. This is only 
a small part of my work trying to introduce Free Software on a regional base 
by initiating local projects. But in the moment  it's the best way to reach a 
wider recognition involving Schools.

We will diskuss this kind of regional information and support work on FSF 
Germany and Friends Meeting on 4.-7. Dec. in Schillig, 25km North of 
Ralf Nolden from KDE germany will take part, so do GNOME-, Debian-, FSF Europe 
Chapter Germany-, and some NGO- People. Sponsored and payed by all 
participants and memiselfi, companies are not interested to support such kind 
of work. And of course this will be another topic, fundrising... :o)

May be its interesting for you all how the german skolelinux [1] team is 
They established a test center at Guetersloh which will act as testbed and 
training center for teachers. And they try to find a local consulting company 
which will be able to give support on a regional base (it's a must that it is 
a regional company) and a professional base. In the next year it is planned 
to establish such test centers in every german state. (The first one will be 
in Wilhelmshaven, lower saxony. It will be be presented on GNU/Linux 
Informations Tage Wilhelmshaven, 1st WE in march 2004 :o)

[1] Kurt Gramlich, german slole team, told me that Debian Edu, GNU Edu,  
OFSET's work, ... and skole will join in the next future. Other Projects are 
interested too to join us. UNESCO seems to be interested to support this new 
project because it's interesting for them to have a quite complete solution 
for education purposes in the so called third world. 
I hope this is a first step establishing a way to avoid forking in GNU/Linux 
Edu Projects. A field forking has gone much too far, if you ask me. If I see 
all this $GROUP-Edu Projects I always ask myself why this...
I think that edu GNU/Linux Edu projects on a regional base will be much more 
efficient than those on $GROUP-Edu base.

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