[kde-edu]: trading place for translations - for open source projects and schools

Hartmut Meyer hartmut.meyer at web.de
Sun Nov 16 19:55:45 CET 2003


Thomas Templin has been mentioning a project to me that sounded very 
interesting: he has been involved with matching the gnucash project with a 
school. Doing translations for the gnucash project was done as part of the 
English classes in school.

Now, I don't know much more about this particular project (Thomas certainly 
does, if you had more questions about it), but I liked the idea and it got me 

How about a trading place that could be used by open source projects looking 
for translators on the one side and teachers/pupils/schools looking for 
real-world transaltion jobs on the other side? I believe it can be a good 
motivator to know that the work done will actually not be binned (after 
beeing read by the teacher) but be really useful.

Does something like that already exist?

If not: what do you think would be a good place for this? I don't imagine the 
kde-edu project as such is the right place. It's doesn't even necessarily 
need to be a KDE thing (though I would like it).

Any suggestions?

Greetings from Bremen

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