[kde-edu]: Re: KVocTrain - examination screen

samuel desseaux sam1975 at linukso.org
Thu Dec 4 18:16:22 CET 2003


Thank you ,Karl-Heinz and Anne-Marie, for your answer.

Things are now clear for me.

Best regards


> > In addition, i propose
> >
> > *(if nobody has ever done it): developping the french part and
> > translating the webpages of the project in French
> Since kvoctrain is part of KDE its translation is taken care of by
> our french translators team.
> > *making others formats for Kvoctrain:rpm, deb : it may be interessant
> > to do that for practicals  reasons and for integrating it in some
> > projects like Skolelinux ,Edulinux....
> Other formats are build by third parties already: when they build the
> whols set of KDE packages.
> > *working on the Examination Result Screen
> >
> > give me your opinion .
> Yes, your participation in development by hacking code would really be
> very nice, so if you are interested in working on the Examination
> Result Screen please feel free to go for it!
> For the beginning, just send your patches to the kdeedu mailing list.
> Thank you for your contribution and welcome in the team! :-)
> Karl-Heinz

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