[kde-edu]: Re: [kde-edu-devel] Fwd: background for KDE edu software

Arnold Kraschinski kde-edu@kde.org
Sun, 17 Mar 2002 08:19:30 +0100

Hello Geert, hello all,

I think this is a good, more it is an important idea, because at the moment
the respont of the KDE-EDU applications isn't motivating. A progress bar
isn't enough.

I think a puzzle would be a good idea. It should be easy to change the
pictures so that a scanned photo of an actual pop group can be used.

At the moment I'm thinking about animated things too. A dog that is running
around and bones and sometimes a saussage are coming from the ceiling when
the child gives a correct answer. If the bones are low enough the dog
catches a bone, the bones are counted.

I started a project about that but at the moment I don't have much time. I
think in ttwo weeks I can tell you more. The program should have a DCOP
interface so that it can be used by all programs that like to use it.
Results are reported via DCOP to the application that shows the result.