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Geert Stams kde-edu@kde.org
Sun, 17 Mar 2002 07:45:34 +0100

Hello all!

Maybe the idea could even be a bit extended. There should be some kind of reward when a child answers a question correctly. Use the background as described below but with an addition: Everytime a question is answered correctly a part of the background 'turns around' and displays a part of an image. Like in a memory card game. Then displaying a photo of an animal or so. When 'say 20' questions are correctly answered the educational program should 'switch off' so the child sees the photo. Care must be taken to make sure the child gets the confirmation when the answer is OK. This would probably mean rectangular areas to be turned around. 
Again I don have a clue how difficult this is to put in code... maybe use a memory card game?



On Thu, 14 Mar 2002 11:52:11 +0000
Anne-Marie Mahfouf <a-m.mahfouf@lineone.net> wrote:

> Hi all,
> Here is an idea from Geert who is a teacher and thus he sees kids in real 
> life.
> In short, he proposes to "cheer up" the desktop while running an edu prog by 
> for example lauching a background at the same time to "cover" the desktop.
> I was speaking in IRC with bml about a common look for edu apps, this could 
> be a good idea.
> I think it's quite easy to code (true?)
> So let's start a discussion about Look and Feel!
> :)
> Anne-Marie
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> Subject: background for KDE edu software
> Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002 18:46:49 +0100
> From: Geert Stams <geert@pa3csg.myweb.nl>
> To: Anne-Marie Mahfouf <a-m.mahfouf@lineone.net>
> Hi Anne-Marie,
> The last days I was thinking about the KDE-edu software. I find the programs
>  lack the child friendly 'look'. I was thinking in a way that this could be
>  settled with one piece of software.
> When a program is activated maybe it can activate a child program as well.
>  Providing a universal background for each program. Maybe taking over the
>  desktop is an option. It is at least as close what I mean. The program could
>  'sit' in the center of the screen and the surroundings could be child
>  friendly drawings. Maybe the KDE dragon learning from a book, computing,
>  skating, playing with other dragons and or children, sitting in school, in
>  front of the blackboard.
> or
> children performing all kind of school activities as above with the dragon,
>  if possible in a multi ethnic-cultural way.
> If my comments are useless and cannot be done in coding....forget.....
> I browsed freshmeat education and did find little of interest for primary
>  schools. 
> regards,
> Geert
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