[kde-edu]: Fwd: Documentation is Frozen

Andy Fawcett kde-edu@kde.org
Mon, 11 Mar 2002 13:26:26 +0200

For *everyone* to note...

>Please note:
>Documentation in CVS is now frozen to allow the translators to catch up.
>Altering/adding documentation is altering/adding i18n strings, so please
>If I see any unexpected */docs/ commits, I will be backing them out, and
>holding them until all the docs changes are committed at the end of the
>If you have any changes, please send me a patch, and I'll hold it with
>the others I have collected and will apply them all on the last day
>before tagging for the release.
>If anyone wants to see what I have patches for, I will probably be
>posting a list to kde-doc-english on a sort of daily basis.  At this
>point there are known updates to kicker, kate, kaddressbook, and
>Please feel free to forward this to lists I'm not subscribed to (which
>would be mostly the ones I'm not posting to :)
>Lauri Watts
>KDE Documentation Coordinator