[kde-edu]: Re: [kde-edu-devel] Usability issues

dominique devriese kde-edu@kde.org
Fri, 19 Apr 2002 17:12:24 +0200

Op donderdag 18 april 2002 18:00, schreef Kevin Krammer:
> On Thursday, 18. April 2002 17:06, dominique devriese wrote:
> > Maybe it would be good if kdegames would make its library available
> > separately, perhaps there should be a new kde module containing support
> > library's of all sorts, like libkdegames, libkdenetwork, libkoffice
> > (advocating a solution for my own problem here too :), and perhaps
> > libkdeedu if it ever gets built...
> > This would allow for all sorts of programs to depend upon those library's
> > without requiring the entire kdegames or koffice package...
> This is IMHO mostly a matter of resonable packaging. Do they consumer
> Distros still make monolithic kdegames without the possibility to download
> single games?

well, yes, but Annma said she didn't want too big dependencies, i.e. the 
entire kdegames.  If there was a separate module for this sort of libraries, 
then any user/packager would be forced to split things up, so kdeedu would 
only have to depend on the support lib, and not the entire package

> I mean, Debian packages are done by volunteers and they have a seperate
> package for each game and they depend on the, seperate, libkdegames
> package. Same for KOffice.
I know, i use debian too...
> Kevin