[kde-edu]: KGeo (or the new App without a name)

Matthias Messmer kde-edu@kde.org
Mon, 8 Apr 2002 13:52:45 +0200

On Monday 08 April 2002 05:56, Birgit Schulz wrote:
> But to be a really fantastic-app we need an improvement: The
> possiblility to create exercises were the action of the user can be
> survied (right word?):
> E.g. for construct a triangle with 3 given length. One point is given.
> The rest of the construction is (nearly) unique, so you can say: " if
> the user paints a circle with the center in the given point an the
> radius of 7 cm (e.g.) it is a correct step.
> This step can be commented to tell the user that it is okay.
> If he dont know how to go one, he can press a help button and may be th=
> need step can be painted by the computer.
> For that we need a surviing-programm for the geo-app and an additional
> Box to give the comments. And a way how to save this in a file.

Hi all,

i think, the conversion of KGeo to a KPart derivative is a good step in t=
direction of using kgeo as part of another application such as an exercis=
context or a help framework or both together.

Matthias (bml)

Matthias Messmer, Germany