[kde-edu]: KGeo (or the new App without a name)

dominique devriese kde-edu@kde.org
Sat, 13 Apr 2002 16:02:32 +0200

Op maandag 8 april 2002 13:52, schreef Matthias Messmer:
> Hi all,
> i think, the conversion of KGeo to a KPart derivative is a good step in
> that direction of using kgeo as part of another application such as an
> exercise context or a help framework or both together.
> Matthias (bml)
Hi, Matthias
frankly, i don't think kparts will be of any help there...
We could of course subclass KParts::Part to something like KEDU::Part, which 
would have functionality for exercises or help, but that would require that 
all KDE-EDU programs become KParts, and that we find some way to specify a 
generic interface for exercises, and i don't really see how we could do that.
It would be really nice though...
I think the best (and certainly easiest) place to put this kind of extensions 
is in the "shell program" (the one that wraps the part if you run it as a 
program (e.g. kghostview is a shell for KGVPart (or something like that)).