[kde-edu]: teachers opinion about edu-kde

Birgit Schulz kde-edu@kde.org
08 Apr 2002 05:44:16 +0200

Hi ...

I wrote to a german Mailinglist for teachers and told them about the
project of edu-kde and what they can do.

As teacher, I'll say tell you my opinion about several apps, each in
seperate mails, so it would be easier to discuss.

In general, I think we need more exercise-file for the existing apps.
Like KHangman, KEduca, ... even for special subjects you can use it,
like chemistry. The pupil should remember the words to use KMessedWord

What kind of apps do we have or need?

1.) teaching ...in some cases difficult ...for that knowledge is
important! ... We should have more, but that's a lot of work

2.) exercising ... there are some, but it should'nt be too easy,
diffrent levels are needed. Here ... a lot of apps are waiting for a

3.) help-tools ... like KMathHelp (or new name KMathTool), KmPlot, KGeo.
For correcting the homework or give a help for it. Can we programm apps
like them for languages? E.g.the conjunction of vocabularies?? 

okay ... wait for the other mails