[kde-edu]: Language an geography-ideas

Matthijs Sypkens Smit kde-edu@kde.org
Mon, 8 Apr 2002 13:56:41 +0100

On Monday 08 April 2002 14:30, Birgit Schulz wrote:

> I found a map collection in the internet at
> http://www.lib.utexas.edu/maps/index.html.
> But to ask questions about them, the information should be reduced, e.g=
> names of cities or rivers should be deleted.

That's precisely the reason I personally found maps like these unsuitable=
Furthermore these maps lack a coherent look and goof colouring.

> The screenshot I saw on your site ... it was an question by the compute=
r or
> the user?

It was a question by the computer in 'exploration mode', where the studen=
t is=20
learning/acquiring knowledge and not being tested.

I modelled ktopo, as much as I could remember, after a program we used in=
elementery school, because I found it to be very effective. [As explained=
the website] It operates in three modes: exploration, test and race mode.=
first two are most important. Exploration is for learning. Test is for=20
testing the acquired knowledge of the student. Race mode is purely a=20
motivational tool because it stimulates the student the compete with othe=
students in the field of the knowledge in a game-like fashion.

> If you use KEduca for exercises, it is more static ... show a city on a=
> map close to Frankfurt and close to Rhein -> thats Mainz.

Any program that actually delivers is of course better than an unfinished=
program. Nonetheless IMHO I think that a complete solution focused and bu=
specifically with the this task in mind would be of higher educational va=
because the focus on learning, and not just testing, is better.