hi guys, I have a suggestion: mingw for some kde6 apps

Konstantin Kharlamov Hi-Angel at yandex.ru
Fri Mar 29 22:16:06 GMT 2024

On Fri, 2024-03-29 at 12:44 -0700, Jon Maser wrote:
> mingw allows you to write visual c++ applications and games for unix
> operating systems, so you can write a desktop office suite in mingw
> and it'll be portable to windows, and kde6 can also contribute to
> mingw's development
> its cool, you setup a macro and a winmain() and proc() loop detects
> api calls, or something, kinda like windfury in wow:tbc
> but it'll bring in some ms developers, help portability somewhat, and
> vc++ is fun
> its not like visual studio where you have to port libraries, you can
> fire up mingw and add stuff like selinux libraries
> i think mingw can be dated, and a little buggy, but hearing windows
> c++ apps run in kde6 might be a good sell..

I didn't quite grasp what are you trying to solve. Many KDE apps
already support Windows (I'm not sure if they build with MinGW or Clang
or something else but anyway). For example, Okular has Windows builds,
KDE Connect too… So, what do you want?

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