hi guys, I have a suggestion: mingw for some kde6 apps

Jon Maser jonmaser8 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 29 19:44:38 GMT 2024

mingw allows you to write visual c++ applications and games for unix
operating systems, so you can write a desktop office suite in mingw
and it'll be portable to windows, and kde6 can also contribute to
mingw's development

its cool, you setup a macro and a winmain() and proc() loop detects
api calls, or something, kinda like windfury in wow:tbc

but it'll bring in some ms developers, help portability somewhat, and
vc++ is fun

its not like visual studio where you have to port libraries, you can
fire up mingw and add stuff like selinux libraries

i think mingw can be dated, and a little buggy, but hearing windows
c++ apps run in kde6 might be a good sell..

also a little program for scripting that positions windows, and
terminal effects, and sfx toys for the desktop? like make it better
then xeyes

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