Reviving lightdm-kde-greeter upstream

Anton Golubev golubevan at
Wed Nov 22 14:25:55 GMT 2023

Actually LightDM can work without Xorg, for example with 
lightdm-elephant-greeter[1], I tried that. I also plan to adapt 
lightdm-kde-greeter to run without Xorg. (although I haven’t figured out 
the details yet)


On 11/22/23 17:15, Neal Gompa wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 22, 2023 at 9:10 AM Justin Zobel <justin.zobel at> wrote:
>> There's a long running discussion [1] going on about incubation SDDM into KDE.
>> * 1
>> On Wed, 22 Nov 2023, 19:19 Anton Golubev, <golubevan at> wrote:
>>> Hello!
>>> I am involved in the development of the ALT Linux distribution. Some
>>> time ago we started developing the lightdm-kde-greeter fork and I am
>>> currently maintaining it[1]. I also push it on gitlab[2]. In addition to
>>> porting to Qt5, some features have been added, such as choosing a
>>> keyboard layout and connecting to the network. This greeter is currently
>>> used by default in our KDE-based builds.
>>> I was given the idea to revive this project in the upstream[3].
>>> Personally, I like the idea, and might look into it if someone else
>>> finds it useful, and I will be given appropriate access.
>>> Regards,
>>> [1]:
>>> [2]:
>>> [3]:
> I think that given someone is actively working on the LightDM greeter
> and wants to use it, it should be fine to get it hosted in KDE
> infrastructure.
> LightDM has some issues itself though, notably that Canonical has more
> or less abandoned it and it doesn't yet support running without X11.
> And I suppose the LightDM Qt bindings need to be ported to Qt 6 too...
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