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> Hi,
> Le dim. 21 mai 2023 à 11:15, Ben Cooksley <bcooksley at> a écrit :
>> Hi all,
>> As many of you will undoubtedly be aware, we currently have a bit of a
>> hybrid approach with our use of GitLab, with some projects/areas still
>> making use of Phabricator as they await the final import of these tasks
>> across to GitLab.
>> That time has now arrived, as Phabricator is long since unmaintained and
>> needs to be retired.
>> The only question is how this is best structured.
>> My thinking on this had been to establish a mapping of Phabricator
>> project to Gitlab project (with some Gitlab projects possibly receiving
>> multiple Phabricator projects). Where necessary we would create
>> groups/projects under teams/ on to house these, otherwise
>> they'd be imported into the mainline projects.
>> For those projects currently using GitLab as a task tracking tool, any
>> feedback you have on this would also be welcome.
>> In terms of the migration, we'd be looking to retain as much information
>> as possible, however things like the precise column a task has on a
>> workboard would likely be lost. The actual content of the task including
>> details such as time and authorship, along with any comments would be
>> retained though.
> Would there be a way to convert some columns as labels? For example, we
> have columns "Junior Jobs" that would be nice to have as a label.

We could probably bring the column names across as labels yes.

> Also, some phabricator tasks have hierarchy, is there an equivalent in
> gitlab? There are tasks in gitlab too but I'm not sure it is always the
> equivalent.

Gitlab tasks can be related/linked together (and this can hopefully be
brought across), however they cannot be flagged as blocking/being blocked
by other tasks.
The functionality to create a task hierarchy through blocked relationships
is only available in Gitlab EE.

> Cheers,
> Johnny


>> Thoughts?
>> Thanks,
>> Ben
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