MR Gardening - A discussion, please leave your input!

AnnoyingRains annoyingrain5 at
Sun Mar 5 10:13:12 GMT 2023

For a short amount of time now, there have been some small-scale
trials of replying to old MRs with a reminder, and suggesting that the
author closes the MR if it is either no longer needed or if it needs
more work and the author does not have time for it.

This has appeared to have a positive impact on the state of KDE
software from this (albeit limited) trial. Some MRs have had renewed
interest, others have admitted that they had forgotten that the MR
even existed.

We did consider closing MRs if there was no activity after our ping
message. **We are no longer planning on doing this**, as it is more
destructive than helpful. All decisions on if a MR should be closed
will be left with the maintainers and the person who opened the MR.

So, we need a proper discussion about this, should we send these
reminder messages at all? If so, how old should an MR be before
sending this reminder? Should closing the MR even be suggested in the

If your specific project does not play nicely with this programme,
please let us know and we can add it to the list of exclusions on our
KDE Community page.

I need your input,
- Kye Potter, KDE Gardening

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