Proposal to deprecate KFloppy

Nate Graham nate at
Fri Apr 28 14:16:29 BST 2023

Does it work for *anyone* with a modern distro? If not, then I think 
archiving it makes sense. Time marches on. :)

If it does work for *someone* with a modern distro then at the very 
least the UI needs to detect when it will be broken and tell this to the 
user in advance to prevent frustration.


On 4/28/23 06:49, Jonathan Riddell wrote:
> KFloppy is an old tool to format your floppy diskettes.  We packaged 
> KFloppy for the Snap store but it doesn't work, neither does it work for 
> the apt packages.  The code depends on features of Linux that do not 
> seem to exist any more, expecting /dev/fd0 and other nodes in /dev.  It 
> also depends on having tools like fdformat around which are not packages 
> for Ubuntu any more.  I tested it with an external USB floppy drive.  
> The most recent maintainer seems to be Wolfgang Bauer.  Can we agree to 
> archive it and stop releases?
> Jonathan

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