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Nicolas L├ęcureuil kde at
Fri Apr 28 11:14:46 BST 2023


i don't know if i post on the good ML but i have a friend searching for 
developpers to mostly integrate ChatGPT into KDE. He accepts to 
contribute financially.

     I don't know if it's possible, but for example, I would like to 
allow the generation and saving of configuration files from the UI.
     integrate "a chatGPT" to enable script generation within the 
graphical environment and thus execute these scripts: for example, read 
the headers of a message and its attachments and suggest saving the 
email "in a hard copy" (.eml) to the hard drive with the attachments, 
with the help of voice and multiple choice help bubbles.
     for me, ChatGPT should be an everyday aid and from what I see, it 
doesn't seem super complicated to integrate.
     I am willing to finance the project, but I don't know how much it 
would cost.
     I would also like to have some software modified, such as OKULAR, 
dolphin, etc.

if you know better places to ask this, please tell :-)

Nicolas L├ęcureuil
Mageia KDE Team

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