[sysadmin/ci-management] latest: Remove kdewebkit from the CI job seeds.

Ben Cooksley null at kde.org
Sat Apr 22 20:55:48 BST 2023

Git commit 41002ce5f78d403f001b269153410c5910f529f2 by Ben Cooksley.
Committed on 22/04/2023 at 19:55.
Pushed by bcooksley into branch 'master'.

Remove kdewebkit from the CI job seeds.
Due to the unmaintained status (and removal) of QtWebKit with openSUSE we have dropped it from our images, meaning kdewebkit can no longer be built.

All projects are advised that they should also be dropping any dependency they have on kdewebkit / QtWebKit as it is no longer supported within a CI system context.

CCMAIL: kde-frameworks-devel at kde.org
CCMAIL: kde-core-devel at kde.org
CCMAIL: kde-devel at kde.org
CCMAIL: kde-pim at kde.org
CCMAIL: kmymoney-devel at kde.org

M  +0    -1    latest/frameworks.yml


diff --git a/latest/frameworks.yml b/latest/frameworks.yml
index aa0e3cc..5a917d7 100644
--- a/latest/frameworks.yml
+++ b/latest/frameworks.yml
@@ -55,7 +55,6 @@
     "frameworks/kdbusaddons": "kf5"
     "frameworks/kdeclarative": "kf5"
     "frameworks/kdesignerplugin": "kf5"
-    "frameworks/kdewebkit": "kf5"
     "frameworks/kdnssd": "kf5"
     "frameworks/kdoctools": "kf5"
     "frameworks/kemoticons": "kf5"

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