KDE Frameworks 5.100.0 released

David Faure faure at kde.org
Mon Nov 14 11:42:40 GMT 2022

14th November 2022. KDE today announces the release of KDE Frameworks 5.100.0.

KDE Frameworks are 83 addon libraries to Qt which provide a wide
variety of commonly needed functionality in mature, peer reviewed and well
tested libraries with friendly licensing terms. For an introduction see


  [TermGeneratorTest] Reduce code duplication
  Correct and simplify OrpostingIterator constructor
  Convert kded metadata to JSON

Breeze Icons

  Add accessories-dictionary-symbolic symlink to a book-looking icon (bug 461033)
  Add new icons for Fortran source code
  Add 64px audio-headset, fix issues with 64px audio-headphones (bug 447536)
  Add data-success icon
  Add icon for OpenOffice extensions

Extra CMake Modules

  Make the expiry of these artifacts more reasonable, 3 months is a bit excessive
  avoid lib64 directory on NixOS
  Add quotes, otherwise if is malformed when envvar not defined
  Allow KF_IGNORE_PLATFORM_CHECK to be set through an environment variable

KDE Doxygen Tools

  remove link to Other KDE Software


  Make error messages translatable


  Config.cmake.in: declare static dependencies


  Don't use KXmlGui when building without deprecated stuff


  Remove space
  Kauth doesn't build on windows
  KCModuleQML: Make sizeHint() check more robust


  Prepare for 5.15.7: adapt test


  kconfig_compiler: switch away from bit mask for signal enum values
  kconfig_compiler: fix generation of bit masks enum items for signals
  kconfig_compiler: perform signals count check earlier
  Fix KConfigGui initialization in case of static builds (bug 459337)


  avoid stating files during restore of recent files (bug 460868)
  Ensure icon is always set for recent files actions
  Add file icons to open recent menu
  Replace custom color preference code with KColorSchemeWatcher
  Intialize default decoration colors
  [KCommandBar] Fix shortcut background


  Add setAddresses


  Add missing . in error string
  KPluginMetaData: Check applicationDirPath first when resolving plugin paths (bug 459830)
  Fix static build of downstream consumers
  KFileSystem: add Fuse Type; use libudev to probe underlying fuseblk type


  Make QQmlContext's contextObject outlive the QQmlContext
  Completely deprecate KDeclarative class
  Port manual test app away from deprecated KDeclarative API

KDELibs 4 Support

  Add CMake option to build WITH_X11


  add win ci, for kdelibs4support


  Add missing deprecation wrapper for KDEsuClient::isServerSGID impl


  OdfExtractorTest: Add test cases for Flat XML documents
  OdfExtractor: Only go looking for textual content in office:body
  OdfExtractor: Support "Flat XML" variants
  PngExtractor: Only extract metadata when it was asked for

KDE GUI Addons

  Add misisng find_dependency's for static builds
  systemclipboard: Don't signals data source cancellation (bug 460248)
  Guard the global was actually intialised
  Implement destuctor for keystate protocol implementation
  kcolorschemewatcher: make changing colour schemes work as expected on macOS
  [kcolorschemewatcher] Default to light mode, where AppsUseLightTheme isn't set (notably Windows 8.1)
  enable automatic dark-mode switching on macOS
  Add API for system color preference reading


  Try fixing build on Windows mingw
  Add missing <cerrno> include


  Don't install desktop files for image formats when building against Qt6
  raw: Don't seek back if we were asked to read too much
  jxl: indicate when all frames have been read
  avif: indicate when all frames have been read
  avif: always indicate endless loop (bug 460085)
  avif: return `false` in `canRead()` when `imageIndex >= imageCount` (bug 460085)
  Auto-rotate input images in readtest
  jxl: remove C-style casts
  avif: Use reinterpret_cast instead C cast
  heif: replace C cast with static_cast
  heif: use heif_init/heif_deinit with libheif 1.13.0+
  FindLibRaw: fix include dir, should not contain prefix libraw/ (bug 460105)
  Fix duplicated tests
  ANI partial test and PIC test added
  PSD: impreved support to sequential access device
  Fix messages
  CMakeLists: enable EXR test
  Added EXR test image
  Fixes for sequential devices


  Add new base class for thumbnail plugins
  Fix string formatting in "Do you really want to delete it?" message
  [kdiroperator] Don't add actions to actioncollection when building without deprecated API
  Deprecate KDirOperator::actionCollection
  [kfilewidget] Don't remove mkdir action from the action collection
  Fix deprecation of virtual functions
  Deprecate KDirOperator::setView(QAbstractItemView *)
  [kcoredirlister] Deprecate setMimeExcludeFilter
  [kcoredirlister] Rename showingDotFiles to showHiddenFiles
  [kdiroperator] Rename setView to setViewMode
  [kcoredirlister] Deprecate itemsFilteredByMime
  [kdiroperator] Remove usage of itemsFilteredByMime
  [knewfilemenu] Decouple from KActionCollection
  KPropertiesDialog: Add tooltip for magic mime type, too
  kurlnavigatortest: add test for absolute path in relative path handling
  KUrlNavigator: fix handling absolute paths
  kurlnavigatortest: add test case for relative hidden directory
  Remove KCrash dependency on Android
  KFilePlacesModel: Move open files error on teardown to KIO
  Add a CMake option, off by default, to control ftpd and wsgidav usage
  Conditionally chow hidden folders in the location bar's dropdown menu
  fix dav overwrite
  don't disable tests
  Warning dialogs: Change button text from "Delete" to "Delete Permanently"
  AskUserActionInterface: add DeleteInsteadOfTrash deletion type (bug 431351)
  WidgetsAskUserActionHandler: fix showing file name for single url
  Message box methods: add API using "action" terms instead of "Yes" & "No"
  Deprecate defaulting to "Yes" & "No" message box buttons
  Add messagebox: KIO worker for testing messageBox() calls from worker
  Remove service type definition for urifilter plugins
  DeleteOrTrashJob: it's included in KF 5.100
  [ioslaves/remote] Convert kded metadata to JSON
  Fix missing details in message dialogs from worker
  UserNotificationHandler: fix messagebox type mismatches
  [kdiroperator] Allow accessing actions without KActionCollection
  KDirOperator: use KIO::DeleteOrTrashJob
  Add DeleteOrTrashJob
  [kopenwithdialog] Handle absence of a mime comment gracefully
  Port Windows-only code away from deprecated KIO API
  KFileItemListProperties: Better respect ioworker metadata
  KIO HTTP: Store error string for deferred result
  KFilePlacesView: Show busy indicator while (un)mounting a device
  KFilePlacesModel: Change teardown action to indicate teardown in progress
  KFilePlacesModel: Add DeviceAccessibilityRole
  KFilePlacesItem: Allow passing roles for dataChanged


  icon: `itemSize` should be `size`
  FormLayout: remove top margin for TextArea
  BannerImage: fix title background not aligning to vertical center
  TabletModeWatcher: reduce the amount of blocking calls we do
  SingletonCreation: Make sure singletons are reused with the engine
  ToolBarLayout: Do not crash when a null action is passed
  set a11y properties on swipelistitem actions buttons
  Set is so that if there is at least 1 action in the CategorizedSettings pagestack that the current index is set to it on open
  DefaultCardBackground: Use simple drop shadow and less shadow
  FormLayout: Use const instead of let where possible
  Examples + tests: Update usage of actions in Page components
  Improve appearance of ListSectionHeader and remove list item separators by default
  GlobalDrawerActionItem: Simplify spacing
  GlobalDrawerActionItem: Use consistent spacing between icon and label, and left margin
  GlobalDrawerActionItem: Make icon size readonly
  GlobalDrawerActionItem: Don't increase icon size for mobile
  Fix verticalAlignment bindingloop in PlaceholderMessage
  WheelHandler: Fix memory leak
  ActionToolBar: let keyword not used
  ListSectionHeader: Elide when text overflows
  FormLayout: remove hack
  Remove cases where hoverEnabled is used in place of supportMouseEvents
  SearchField: Check for acceptableInput before firing an event
  GlobalToolBar: Expose the title padding property
  Check preventStealing earlier in ColumnView (bug 460345)
  Don't load page header components asynchronously by default
  SwipeListItem: Make sure we only show the aggressive warning when it's due (bug 455789)
  imagecolors: don't early return when there is no window for QQuickItem
  Avatar: fix blurry avatar when using Qt scaling (bug 356446)
  Fix ginormous FABs
  PC3/TextField,SearchField: Fix mirroring detection
  SearchField: Align search icon vertically
  SearchField,ActionTextField: Use non-destructive clear() method
  Doc: ActionTextField: Use StandardKey instead of hardcoded Ctrl+F string
  SearchField: Bump QML imports and fix code style
  BasicListItem: Make text more readable when using fadeContent property
  FormLayout: Fix nullable items
  Remove renderType workaround that was fixed in Qt 5.14.0 RC1
  Replace sizeForLabels with Units.iconSizes.medium/large where relevant
  AboutItem: make license text selectable
  make example build on qt6
  Remove unnecessary break statement


  Also fix kconcatenaterows_qml test for static builds
  Fix ksortfilterproxymodel_qml test for static builds (bug 459321)


  KCategoryDrawer: Update design to match Kirigami list categories


  KF5NewStuffCoreConfig.cmake: fix resolving QT_MAJOR_VERSION at generation
  [kmoretools] Replace QDesktopServices::openUrl with KIO::OpenUrlJob
  Add qtdesigner plugin for KNewStuffWidgets


  [partloader] Remove references to KPluginLoader from docs
  Don't install service type definitions when building without deprecated stuff
  Add new functions to instantiate parts


  runnermanager: only emit `queryFinished` when previous jobs are still running


  Do not warn if KService("") is instantiated


  Set default mark type only if control is pressed
  Don't install desktop file for katepart when building against Qt6
  CamelCursor: Improve complex unicode handling (bug 461239)
  we want to shift unsigned ints
  auto completion got me
  remove file name for saveas only for remote files (bug 461161)
  Simplify and optimize KateScriptDocument::anchorInternal
  Indenter: Dart and Js fixes
  Fix js/dart indent in array
  Make Tab/Shift+Tab completion work
  Bring Shell-like tab completion back, and make it work
  Remove select all and deselect from context menu
  Remove double message about lack of access rights
  KateCompletionModel: Dont sort Group::prefilter
  KateCompletionModel: Simplify changeCompletions()
  Avoid detaching currentCompletion
  KateCompletionModel: Remove not needed setters
  Remove KateCompletionModel config from KateCompletionWidget
  Avoid excessive filtering and calls to modelContentChanged
  Completion: Avoid extra model reset
  Remove "Preview:" label in themes tab
  Fix fallback logic
  Fix tab order in search (bug 440888)
  fix clipboard selection update on shift mouse click (bug 443642)
  Ensure to set highlight on reload when file type was set by user (bug 454715)


  Add missing forms for mass units: tonnes, ct, lbs
  add singular abbreviation forms as match strings for teaspoon and tablespoon

KWallet Framework

  mark some binaries as non-gui
  Add support for plain transfer algorithm to Secret Service API (bug 458341)
  Change naming and order of FreedesktopSecret members to match the spec


  [registry] Bump PlasmaWindowManagement version to 16


  avoid stating files during restore of recent files (bug 460868)
  Add a method to remove all actions in one go
  KTitleWidget: Constraint the frame size so it properly aligns (bug 460542)
  KPageDialog: Collapse margins also for flat list
  KToolBarPopupAction: Apply popupMode to existing widgets
  Deprecate KStandardGuiItem::yes() KStandardGuiItem::no()
  KMessageDialog: add API using "action" terms instead of "Yes" & "No"
  KMessageBox: add API using "action" terms instead of "Yes" & "No"
  Fix potential crash in fix for 458335


  DeviceStatistics: Replace setRefreshRateMs call with manual DBus call
  Remove dead CMakeLists code

Plasma Framework

  PC3/BusyIndicator: Disable hover, drop unused id, and shorten a comment
  Never time out tooltip while its control is still hovered (bug 397336)
  windowthumbnail 'count > 0' is always true
  Dialog: Avoid using plasmashell protocol when running in kwin
  Make KPackage an implementation detail of Plasma Applets
  Deprecate public includes for KPackage
  templates/cpp-plasmoid: Load icon as svg rather than svgz
  templates/cpp-plasmoid: Remove unneeded EnabledByDefault and X-Plasma-MainScript keys
  templates/cpp-plasmoid: Consistently require ECM, KF and Qt dependencies
  templates/cpp-plasmoid: Port to newer KPackageStructure key instead of ServiceTypes
  templates/cpp-plasmoid: Do not embed json file in plugin
  Create SVGZ files without embedded filename & timestamp -> reproducibility
  Oxygen: Drastically improve buttons
  Oxygen: Invert input box color and increase size
  Oxygen: Update Inkscape Metadata
  Oxygen: Fix tab bars not rendering, add N/E/S/W sides
  Oxygen: Fix active button size
  ExpandableListItem: Port to explicit signal handler parameter names
  Center the AppletPopup dialogs when possible
  framesvgitem: avoid unnecessary type conversion in `resizeFrame`
  framesvgitem: use `QQuickItem::size()` directly in `resizeFrame`
  framesvgitem: port two qMax to std::max
  framesvgitem: remove one unnecessary maxvalue comparison
  PC3/BusyIndicator: Revert RotationAnimator back to property interceptor syntax
  PC3/BusyIndicator: Fix hang & rapid jump on start
  PC3/BusyIndicator: Don't do extra work when animation starts
  PC3/BusyIndicator: Port opacity animation to Easing.OutCubic
  PC3/BusyIndicator: Center the active/rotating part of the control
  PC3/BusyIndicator: Fix QML/JS code style, bump imports
  fix refcount of dialog instances
  Fix name of margin hints of task manager (bug 456076)
  PC3/TextField,SearchField: Fix mirroring detection
  SearchField: Align search icon vertically
  SearchField,ActionTextField: Use non-destructive clear() method
  PC3/Slider: Fix tick marks direction for vertical orientation
  Manage the case someone is asking for the attached of an applet
  Fix scrollbar visibility when contentWidth or contentHeight is 0
  Drop deprecated KDeclarative::setupEngine calls
  iconitem: add test for devicePixelRatio
  svgitem: fix blurry icon on HiDPI screens
  iconitem: fix blurry icon on HiDPI screens
  Revert "Install a plugin for org.kde.plasma.plasmoid"
  Add 5G network icons
  ExpandableListItem: Simplify Accessible.description expression
  ExpandableListItem: Use uniform standard margins for actions list
  Perform initialization in initialization list
  IconItem: Use standard Units.longDuration for cross-fade animation


  Convert code128 data table to binary literals
  Simplify QR reference PNG images


  Never time out tooltip while its control is still hovered
  TextField: Use effectiveHorizontalAlignment without extra mirroring for placeholder

Syntax Highlighting

  Jira: improve highlighting
  Jira: fix Bold and Stroked Out highlight at start of line (bug 431268)
  CMake: fix nested parentheses highlinthing (bug 461151)
  systemd_unit: update to systemd v252
  Common List: optimize (~40% faster)
  Common Lisp: highlight numbers preceded by -
  Common Lisp: highlint 'symbol and #'symbol
  Common Lisp: add operators
  Common Lisp: add .el extension (emacs script)
  powershell.xml: Recognize variable substitutions in double quoted strings
  powershell.xml: Recognize single quoted strings
  debchangelog: add Forky
  debchangelog: add Lunar Lobster
  CMake: return() as Control Flow
  CMake: add Control Flow style for if, else, while, etc (bug 460596)
  Fix name (for consistency with CartoCSS MML)
  Better highlighting for some GIS-related file formats
  VHDL: support of VHDL-2008
  Nix: fix decimal numbers format and some performance changes
  Alerts: add NO-BREAK SPACE (nbsp) as keyword deliminator (bug 459972)
  Git Rebase: add missing commands
  Git Ignore: more highlight
  cmake.xml: New features for CMake 3.25
  Bash/Zsh: fix Parameter Expansion style for } in ${...}
  Zsh: add folding for group command
  Bash/Zsh: fix group command with coproc statement (bug 460301)
  use a constant container with range-based for loop to avoid copies
  Ansi/HtmlHighlighter: prefer QTextStream::readLineInto() to QTextStream::readLine() to avoid allocation
  fix AnsiHighlighter::highlightData() with valid definition, but without any context
  increment version number after keywords change
  cpp.xml: add missing QStringTokenizer class for highlighting
  Add folding for maps, structs and lists in elixir
  Add opendocument "flat XML" file types
  Add do: to tests
  Undo unintended line formating
  Remove any reference to fn being a definition
  Adapt tests to new output
  Add folding to elixir code

Security information

The released code has been GPG-signed using the following key:
pub rsa2048/58D0EE648A48B3BB 2016-09-05 David Faure <faure at kde.org>
Primary key fingerprint: 53E6 B47B 45CE A3E0 D5B7  4577 58D0 EE64 8A48 B3BB


David Faure, faure at kde.org, http://www.davidfaure.fr
Working on KDE Frameworks 5

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