Configure Language issue in KStars

Jasem Mutlaq mutlaqja at
Wed Nov 16 09:07:27 GMT 2022


For the past few releases, users are unable to switch languages in KStars.
It remains in the system language. This is reported across Linux, MacOS, &
Windows so it is most likely related to some change in KF5.

There was a recent discussion on this topic here:

I checked if we have similar warnings as described here:

But I couldn't find similar issues in KStars build logs. When running
KStars, I see this warning:

[2022-11-16T08:02:50.001 +03 WARN ][                       default] -
qrc:/qml/mount/mountbox.qml:428: ReferenceError: xi18n is not defined

Not sure if this is related? Any ideas on what is causing this issue?

Best Regards,
Jasem Mutlaq
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