Would Scandoc be somthing for Extragear?

Tobias Leupold tl at stonemx.de
Thu Nov 10 12:49:51 GMT 2022

Am Donnerstag, 10. November 2022, 12:25:26 CET schrieb Klaas Freitag:
> Am 10.11.22 um 10:09 schrieb Thomas Baumgart:
> Hi Thomas,
> > I don't know, if you have thought of this when writing invoices. Include
> > an EPC QR (https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/EPC-QR-Code) on the invoice.
> The next version of Kraft that I am about to release has EPC QR Code
> capabilities already [1]. That was a feature wish from users. I should
> have docu and a blog post about that...
> > I am
> > thinking about adding a webcam interface so that KMyMoney can use it to
> > read the QR code and use the data to fill out the form for online payments
> > that KMyMoney already has. Or even use the PDF file as input an pull out
> > the QR code. That would improve productivity I think.
> Well, if it was only Kraft, we would probably be better off using in the
> PDF embedded Metadata to detect that. Having that as an OCR based
> feature would add that more generic of course.
> > I know, a bit off topic here.
> Is it? Where else would we discuss that?

This mailing list is the right place for sure, but I think Thomas meant it's a 
bit off-topic for this thread (about whether or not Scandoc would be something 
enriching and/or suitable for Extragear).

> regards,
> Klaas
> [1]
> https://github.com/dragotin/kraft/commit/4adecbf263844dd27141b6b1cf5c15a89af
> 15102

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