Would continuous localisation be of interest to the KDE project?

Christian Spaan cspaan at gmail.com
Thu Feb 17 19:20:27 GMT 2022

Dear developer mailing list,

accessibility has been a focus topic for KDE recently, sadly translating 
KDE software is not so accessible after all.
Actually, I translated and reviewed countless strings for many projects, 
but I never did a single string for my favourite project, which is KDE 😁
The old ways of translating things would always seem too tedious 
compared to continuous localisation services like Transifex and Weblate.

However, Weblate is self-hostable and at first look even better than 
Transifex. Also, it works for Debian, openSUSE and LibreOffice.
So, if continuous localisation was to be considered, I would be happy to 
engage in a SIG or something.


-- Christian

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