Reminder: When requiring ECM 5.85 or newer, be aware of KDE_COMPILERSETTINGS_LEVEL concept

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at
Mon Feb 14 17:31:35 GMT 2022


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Time for a quick reminder after half a year, given this is not daily business 
but people might more & more require newer ECM and run into this.
Quoting the important bit below, for the full initial email, please see

Starting with ECM 5.85 KDECompilerSettings will provide some stricter 
settings, which you can control on the toplevel by KDE_COMPILERSETTINGS_LEVEL 
and then again per settings category, for a stable set of settings matching 
your project requirements across ECM versions, not affected by the minimal 
required ECM version.
Make sure to include KDECompilerSettings right after find_package(ECM), before 
any other find_package() calls (best done in any case due to a current flaw).
While your minimum required ECM version is < 5.85, no other change is needed.
If you start to require newer minimum ECM >= 5.85, and do not want any newer 
stricter settings take effect for now, call
    include(KDECompilerSettings NO_POLICY_SCOPE)
Port any usage of KDEFrameworkCompilerSettings outside of KDE Frameworks 
modules to that once you can afford to require ECM >= 5.85.
For more, see docs on


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