KDE Frameworks 5.91.0 released

David Faure faure at kde.org
Sun Feb 13 18:09:05 GMT 2022

13th February 2022. KDE today announces the release of KDE Frameworks 5.91.0.

KDE Frameworks are 83 addon libraries to Qt which provide a wide
variety of commonly needed functionality in mature, peer reviewed and well
tested libraries with friendly licensing terms. For an introduction see


  Static libs linked into shared libs need -fPIC

Breeze Icons

  start-here-kde: Make icon adaptable to dark themes (bug 416302)
  Fix icon colors to be consistent across all sizes
  Check executables exist in PATH before passing them to QProcess
  Declare namespace for kongress icon
  Fix naming of brightness icons

Extra CMake Modules

  kde_package_app_templates: drop atime,ctime, consistently set mtime
  kde_package_app_templates: use numeric owner/group with tar
  Set the right @since version for ECMQmlModule
  Only enable -bsymbolic-functions when Qt is built in a compatible way
  Introduce ECMFindQmlModule.cmake
  Add ecm_set_deprecation_versions cmake function

Framework Integration

  Install plugin in kf<version>
  Fix wrong porting of KNSCore::Engine::configSearchLocations (bug 448237)


  reduce boost


  Use uppercase includes
  Unharcode Qt major version


  Move plugins in kf<version> directory
  Correct the dependencies specified for KAuth
  Bump minimum required version of Polkit-Qt-1 to 0.112.0
  Remove Polkit-Qt build support, Polkit-Qt-1 replaced it a long time ago
  Adjust CMake code to find PolkitQt{5,6}-1


  Revert "Honour STATUS:CANCELLED"
  Serialize container sizes as 32bit integers
  Compare timeSpec() for the due date/time, too
  Fix generate pkg file
  T12270: create an inheritance hierarchy of private types


  Add KPluginWidget::load()
  Remove assertion for KPluginMetaData param in KCModuleLoader::loadModule
  KCModuleProxy: Use std::optional to check if we have a KPluginMetaData object
  KCModuleProxy: Replace space with underscore when registering DBus service
  Switch header style to ToolBar for system settings
  kpluginmodel: Also copy plugin Id from KService to json object
  KCMUtils can be built on Windows too


  Introduce StandardShortcutWatcher to watch for runtime changes (bug 426656)
  Extract isNonDeletedKey() helper function
  Look for entries with common group prefix in entryMap's subrange
  KConfigPrivate::copyGroup: remove redundant entryMap lookup
  groupList: convert each group name from UTF-8 once
  Exclude deleted groups from groupList() (bug 384039)


  KLanguageButton: Don't insert duplicates
  KLanguageButton: Adapt to new .desktop filenames
  Change shortcuts of standard actions if standard shortcut changes (bug 426656)
  Use BUILD* deprecation wrapper for virtual method (bug 448680)
  Simplify KHamburgerMenu menu items
  Only require KAuth on Linux/FreeBSD
  Don't use KAuth on Windows


  Search in kf<version> plugin
  kcoreaddons_target_static_plugins: Use private linking for plugin registration file
  klibexec helper to resolve libexec path relative
  KPluginMetaDataTest: Fix check for service type querying error essage
  desktopfileparser: Avoid a run-time string concatenation
  KF5CoreAddonsConfig: check desktoptojson version when cross-compiling
  desktoptojson: Further improvements to cross-compilation mode
  Fix kcoreaddons_desktop_to_json when cross-compiling
  Add KPluginMetaData::fromJsonFile()
  KPluginMetadata: store all paths as absolute ones
  KPluginMetaData::metaDataFileName: Fix broken check if we have the metaDataFileName value set
  kcoreaddons_add_plugin: Throw error when we have unparsed args
  Improve formatRelativeDateTime
  Improve error message for KPluginFactory::loadFactory
  Add missing copying of error text in KPluginFactory::instantiatePlugin


  Fix header installation path to include module prefix
  Use uppercase "KDAV" name as qmake identifier, to be match KF standards
  Fix pri file to also note KCoreAddons dependency
  Fix non-existing include path set in pri file


  proper position for top separator
  [KeySequenceItem] Make keySequence «non-null», «non-undefined» and «non-""»
  [KeySequenceItem] Fix code style and bump QML imports
  Make QML code depend less on the `kcm` context property
  Fix QT_NO_OPENGL build after 66c5bb0efa
  kquickcontrols: Improve accessibility in ColorButton.qml (bug 449282)
  GridDelegate: Focus on the delegate after a menu is closed
  GridDelegate: Open menu when Menu key is pressed
  Exclude epoxy in qt6 => exclude plotter class
  Deprecate KDeclarative::ConfigPropertyMap in favor of KConfigPropertyMap
  It's not necessary now as "the Frameworks that actually require
  Don't use KGlobalAccel on Windows


  install plugins in kf<version>
  Set order of kded launching with systemd boot
  kded supports building on Windows, make sure we have our dependencies available

KDELibs 4 Support

  Link against KF5::Auth
  Also add the KAuth dependency in the CI metadata


  Check executables exist in PATH before passing them to QProcess
  Port from KToolInvocation::kdeinitExecWait (deprecated) to QProcess
  kdesud: close all file descriptors > 3 on exec()


  Check executables exist in PATH before passing them to QProcess
  Don't hardcode "kf5" for the catalog search path


  make TypInfo comparison const
  Install plugins in kf<version>
  deprecate image extraction via embeddedimagedata


  Fix action registration and unregistration order (bug 448369)
  Check executables exist in PATH before passing them to QProcess

KDE GUI Addons

  Add Google Maps Geo URI handler
  Add Qwant Maps to CMakeLists
  Add Qwant Maps Geo URI handler
  Add a fallback handler for the geo: URI scheme
  Install plugins in kf<version>

KHolidays #

  Update Taiwanese holidays
  UK holiday change 2022 (Spring bank holiday) (bug 448305)


  fix khtml crash in wayland session
  [ci] Fix phonon dep


  Default initialize QVariants as such, not as a QString
  install plugins in kf<version>
  Fix warning info
  KuitSetup: fix setting classification of tags


  Check executables exist in PATH before passing them to QProcess
  Don't create a new KColorScheme for each KIconColors


  Change plugin install dir on macOS
  Install plugins in kf<version>


  Check executables exist in PATH before passing them to QProcess


  [KFilePlacesView] Use helpEvent for teardown action tooltip
  KPropertiesDialog: only load plugins suitable for mime type of file
  Use new KLibexec to locate kioslave5
  Consider slow files as remote files in previewjob (bug 372849)
  [KFilePlacesView] Elide section header if needed
  exec line is not necessary now
  [desktopexecparser] Consider associations from mimeapps.list to determine whether an app supports a scheme (bug 439132)
  [kopenwithdialog] Fix filtering (bug 449330)
  [KFilePlacesView] Adjust entire delegate height during (dis)appear animation
  kdirmodel: Allow using full path for Icon in .desktop file (bug 448596)
  Deprecate class KNTLM & methods, no users known outside of kio-http
  [previewjob] Don't recreate same regex
  KDirOperator: on first show, don't display files in dir-only mode
  Group configure_file and kcoreaddons_add_plugin
  Install plugins in kf<version>
  Officially deprecate kcoredirlister methods that use QRegExp
  Utilize KPluginMetaData::value overloads
  Install kio_version.h in the KIO include prefix
  Add option of using DBus activation for ApplicationLauncherJob
  [KFilePlacesView] Don't highlight delegate when hovering header area
  [KFilePlacesView] Call teardownFunction from inline eject button, too
  [KFilePlacesView] Don't hide hidden entries when clicking one
  [KFilePlacesView] Add inline eject button
  [KFilePlacesModel] Introduce TeardownAllowedRole
  [KFilePlacesView] Wire up QAbstractItemView::iconSize
  [KFilePlacesView] Add getter and change signal for showAll
  [KFilePlacesView] Allow to provide a teardown function
  [KFilePlacesView] Add middle click support and signals for item activation
  [KFilePlacesView] Refactor context menu
  file_unix: Do not try to preserve ownership when permission is -1 (bug 447779)
  KPropertiesDialog: use the KFileItem when checkig if the url is local (bug 444624)
  Deprecate the "connected slave" feature


  OverlaySheet: Accommodate the left and right padding
  OverlaySheet: Initialise the view with sound values
  FormLayout: Replace heuristic approach with an instanceof check
  Fix install plugin in kf<version>
  libkirigami: Port to target_sources and other target-specific properties
  Add Chip Component
  Add android related files to template
  Add BasicListItem.iconSelected property and use it in CheckableListItem
  Take in count difference in bottom and top padding in search icon
  API dox: document CamelCase include headers
  KF5Kirigami2: install headers to path prefix matching C++ namespace Kirigami
  Introduce "InputMethod" singleton and supporting code to detect virtual keyboard
  Properly document ShadowedRectangle and co
  Deprecate TabBar toolbar style
  Dialog: Smoothen enter/exit animation, and ensure themes don't add footer background
  Improve search icon inside SearchField
  Give the NavigationTabBar component an ocean style
  Add a search icon to the SearchField
  template: remove title from AboutPage
  examples/PageRouter: don't introduce applicationWindow id
  Make enter/key presses "click" BasicListItems
  Improve default template
  Dialog: Use performant shadow
  Use version-less/non-deprecated install location variables
  Fix find_dependency
  change color when card is highlighted
  Kirigami supports Windows, ensure we have our dependencies there too


  Rework removeParentMappings() to not  rely on stable QHash iterators
  Don't cache end iterator when modifying the container


  Check executables exist in PATH before passing them to QProcess


  Revert "Install kjs_version.h in /usr/include/KF5/KJS/"


  Update code snippet for NewStuff.Action
  Register KNSCore::Entry under name "Entry" as a Q_GADGET to QML
  Consume string views before they become invalid
  Focus search field by default unless doing so would show the virtual keyboard (bug 444727)
  Deprecate KNS3::Button class in favor of KNSWidgets::Button
  Introduce KNSWidgets::Button class for better compatibility with KF6 changes
  KNSWidgets::Action add compatibility for unified entry class in KF6
  Unify how kpackageType is determined for the addons
  Button.qml Fix binding for engine property
  Button.qml: Use QML loaders for dialog component
  Fix broken usage example for NewStuff.Action
  Remove QProcess::ExitStatus parameter from signal handler parameter list if we don't need it


  Remove Phonon from Linux CI
  Add KStatusNotifierItem::hideAssociatedWidget()
  KStatusNotifierItem: use actions instead of Yes/No in Quit confirm dialog

KPackage Framework

  Simplify code using KPluginMetaData::fromJsonFile
  Explicitly call KPluginMetaData::fromJsonFile when constructing metadata objects
  Fix unintended result in readKPackageTypes (bug 448625)
  Use ecm_mark_nongui_executable() for mock:// handler
  PackageJob: Use QStandardPaths::findExecutable() to find resolvers
  QueryTest: validate the install() result
  Build static libs which are linked into shared libs as PIC


  ModelSource: Don't use QPointer for storing the model
  ModelSource: Cache minimum/maximum properties of the model


  search plugins in kf<version>
  Put aliased classes in "KRunner"-namespace
  Fix flickering in Application Launcher for every character typed (bug 423161)
  Port to KDEDeprecationSettings cmake function
  KF5RunnerConfig.cmake.in: Explicitly require QtGui and KCoreAddons, exclude Plasma on deprecation free builds
  Add compatibility type definitions for classes without 'Plasma' namespace
  Fixups for building without including KService/KIO/Plasma-Frameworks (bug 447908)
  Silence deprecation warning for KPluginInfo/KServiceTypeTrader in compatibility blocks


  Install kservice_version.h in KService include prefix
  Make parseLayoutNode function const
  Make "missing merge tag" error actionable


  Abort completion on view scroll on wayland
  Avoid flicker on refresh
  install plugin in kf<version>
  Use QDir::temp().filepath() instead of manually creating temp file paths
  KateModOnHdPrompt::slotDiff: Create diff file in temp folder (bug 448257)
  avoid flicker for border on size changes (bug 435361)
  Fix undo manager leaks more properly
  When using tabs, use tabs to auto indent (bug 367966 375529)
  Fix @since for aboutToSave
  Fix leaks in undo manager
  Don't scroll on select all (bug 435855)
  Fix auto-reloading files in git repositories
  Handle single statement condition blocks better (bug 385472)
  Fix cstyle for cases where there is a func in param
  Reload doc on OnDiskCreated
  Allow disabling focus frame (bug 418657)
  Fix selection scrolling from line border works only downwards (bug 419076)
  Fix camel cursor when last word is of one letter only (bug 448692)
  only execute diff in path
  only start programs in user's path
  completion: Use scored fuzzy matching
  Do proper fuzzy matching in completion (bug 401509)
  Fix undo history wrongfully restored in some cases
  Revert "Do not cancel mouse selection when using the keyboard" (bug 446189)
  don't let auto-detection overwrite user settings
  Introduce auto indent detection
  Restore undo history when document is same (bug 297883)
  Fix drag pixmap highlight sometimes does not match original text (bug 438567)
  Find: Update working range when replacing (bug 447972)
  set QClipboard::Selection for select all (bug 428099)
  Fix rash when switching between tabs while search is running (bug 445683)
  improve wording for modified on disk warnings (bug 372638)
  KTextEditor has a hard dependency on KAuth - ensure it is available
  Introduce Document::aboutToSave signal
  Fix creative QString constructions from numerical values
  Use version-less install target default arguments
  Use non-deprecated style option initialization
  Combine keys and modifiers using the | operator
  Disambiguate QStringBuilder to QByteArray conversion for hashing
  Make comparison operator const
  Don't pass a QString pointer to QString::compare
  Automatically determine iterator type
  Fix QChar conversion ambiguities

KWallet Framework

  Fix install headers


  Ensure when unmapped is emitted, ::windows() will not contain unmapped window
  Don't use hard-coded versions with targets and variables
  Install pkg-config file
  Deprecate PlasmaWindowModel::requestVirtualDesktop()
  kwayland server has been moved to plasma kwayland-server since 5.73
  src/client: wrap deprecated methods in deprecation macros


  Check executables exist in PATH before passing them to QProcess
  install plugins in kf<version>
  Avoid XKeycodeToKeysym in KKeyServer::initializeMods (bug 426684)
  Remove placeholder wayland platform plugin
  [kwindowinfo] Add support for reading _GTK_APPLICATION_ID
  Add KWindowSystem::updateStartupId(QWindow *window)


  Check executables exist in PATH before passing them to QProcess
  Use uppercase includes
  Allow KToolBar to be in other places than MainWindow's ToolBarArea
  Fix i18n comment not being properly extracted


  Explicitly register QDBusObjectPath type


  Don't write to QByteArray out of bounds
  Make de/serializing of the parity option symmetric
  Add support for WPA3-Enterprise 192-bit mode

Oxygen Icons

  Check executables exist in PATH before passing them to QProcess

Plasma Framework

  Check executables exist in PATH before passing them to QProcess
  ExpandableListItem: Deprecate custom isEnabled property and alias it to enabled (bug 449539)
  PC3 ButtonContent: Move property defaultIconSize to the top-level component
  Identify containments using X-Plasma-ContainmentType instead of service types
  Native interface always available
  ModelContextMenu: drop Accessible.role property
  Do not use Control for PC3::IconLabel (bug 445899)
  Corona::containmentForScreen: Ignore activities when an empty string is used (bug 448590)
  Change where add_feature_info(EGL) is called
  Fix detection of GLX support in QtGui
  PC3 ScrollView: set step sizes based on devicePixelRatio
  ConfigModel: Expose Roles enum to QML
  Adapt build system for building against qt6 + fix some compile errors
  Don't fallback to EGL::EGL, just don't link to EGL when it's not found
  Always sync the setPanelBehavior to wayland (bug 448373)
  PlasmaQuick::Dialog - Fix flickering issues when resizing (specially in krunner) (bug 427672)
  Always sync the setPanelBehavior to wayland (bug 426969)
  PC3 ScrollView: Avoid importing QtQuick.Controls.2
  Doc: Improve descriptions of Plasma::DataSource methods
  Don't crash when a screen gets disabled and enabled again (bug 447752)
  PC3 RadioIndicator: use radiobutton.svg for breeze-light and breeze-dark
  KWayland does not make sense outside of Linux/FreeBSD, so don't try to depend on it there
  Add Yakuake panel icon (bug 427485)
  Deprecated PlasmaExtras.ScrollArea component
  PC3 SwipeView: use longDuration for highlight animation


  Prison supports Windows


  Avoid needlessly reading font settings
  StyleItem: emit signal on style changes
  install plugins in kf<version>
  take icon width into account
  adapt width of combobox to its content (bug 403153)
  Theme placeholderTextColor
  Make menu items taller in Tablet Mode
  Fix find_package
  Remove QStyle::State_Horizontal when it's not horizontal
  Adapt build system for building against qt6
  Slider: handle scrolling (bug 417211)
  Use upstream scroll implementations for Combobox and SpinBox
  Use metrics from Breeze for menu items (bug 447289)


  Convert some connect to new signature style
  [UDisks2 Backend] Don't do media check for loop devices
  [upower] Properly round up battery's capacity (bug 448372)
  [UPower Backend] Check for Bluez for any unknown battery type
  [UDisks2] Ignore file systems mounted with x-gdu.hide option


  Allow to install plugin in kf5 or kf6 directory

Syntax Highlighting

  Python: fix line continuation starting with a string
  CSS: add some values and functions
  CSS: fix nested function call (bug 444506)
  Zsh: fix line-break and pattern in double bracket condition
  Bash: fix line-break in double bracket condition (bug 448126)
  Bash: fix parameter expansion replacement with extended glob
  [R] Add support for new pipe from R 4.1
  Update Stan highlighting

Security information

The released code has been GPG-signed using the following key:
pub rsa2048/58D0EE648A48B3BB 2016-09-05 David Faure <faure at kde.org>
Primary key fingerprint: 53E6 B47B 45CE A3E0 D5B7  4577 58D0 EE64 8A48 B3BB


David Faure, faure at kde.org, http://www.davidfaure.fr
Working on KDE Frameworks 5

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