RFC: Konsole profile groups

Ahmad Samir a.samirh78 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 31 13:37:20 BST 2021

On 31/07/2021 14:30, Konstantin Kharlamov wrote:
> On Sat, 2021-07-31 at 13:49 +0200, Ahmad Samir wrote:
>> Hello.
>> Is anyone using Konsole profile groups? that is to say, any objections if that
>> code is removed from
>> Konsole?
>> I've never used them, and I don't have any precise idea how they're supposed
>> to work, if no one is
>> using them any more we could remove them and simplify the code a bit.
> Are you talking about Settings → "Edit Current Profile" and Settings → "Switch Profile"?
> If yes, then I do use them, they are quite handy. I have default fancy profile with an image I set on Konsole background, that is the default profile.
> However, the image is light-colored, and not every terminal application uses colors that are light-friendly (GCC in particular uses light-blue color that is hard to read on light background), so in cases I really need to read that, I  switch to the older boring-completely-black profile.

No, "profile groups" are a different concept; from reading the code in ProfileGroup.cpp it's like a
group of profiles having one parent profile, and when you change the settings it can be applied to
all the child profiles, or to specific ones... I am not 100% sure, since I've never seen that
concept in action.


Ahmad Samir

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